Like many Ann Arbor citizens I first came to Ann Arbor to attend the University of Michigan. I liked the city, its neighborhoods, the trees and the parks. I enjoyed the entertainment opportunities of the University. I met my wife Cecile in Ann Arbor. Like so many others, we stayed because we believe that Ann Arbor is a special place. I have lived in Ann Arbor since 1985 and my wife has lived here even longer.

In 1998, our family moved to our present home in the Dicken neighborhood on the west side of Ward 4. We moved here so that our children, Dan and Rachel, could attend the Dicken Elementary school. One of the reasons living in Ann Arbor has been enjoyable is because I have many very wonderful neighbors. This experience has convinced me of the importance of protecting and preserving our residential neighborhoods.

Since our neighborhoods, trees and parks have been important to me I have been active in supporting them, both in my neighborhood, and throughout the city. I have served as the president of the Friends of Dicken Woods. I founded the South Maple Group, and co-founded the Neighborhood Alliance.

Professionally, I am an attorney. My experience will provide the skill to work collegially with all on Council, and help resolve simple differences, and as well as complex disputes.

Jack Says...

"Our City Council reps have repeatedly voted against restoring lost services and proposals to increase public safety staffing. They’ve voted for spending on art and consultants. Let’s prior­itize spending so that we fund services.”