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Sierra Club, Huron Valley Group

Huron Valley Area Labor Federation

David Silkworth, former Ward 5 Council candidate

Mason Barr
Walli Bellairs
Gordon Bigelow
Marilyn Bigelow
Dawn Bizzell
Braxton Blake
Kathy Boris
Michaela Brennan
Bob Brill
John Brundage
Frank Burdick
Doug Cowherd
Brad Cook
Bob Dascola, former Council candidate
Peter Eckstein
Cynthia Edwards
Ellen Fisher
Mark Fitzgerald
Maureen Fitzgerald
John Floyd, former Council candidate
Lou Glorie, former Council candidate
Carolyn Grawi
Kathy Griswold, former School Board member
Judith Hanway
Laura Lee Hayes
Jeff Hayner, former Council candidate
Freda Herseth
Martha Hill
Glenn Hiller
Kay Holsinger
Libby Hunter
Kim Kachadoorian
Kevin Larson
Charles Lewis
Eric Lipson, former Council candidate
Rita Mitchell
Elizabeth Nelson
Peter Nelson
Dorothy Nordness
Gwen Nystuen, former Park Advisory Commission member
John Nystuen
Brad O'Furey, former Chair, Jim Toy Community Center
Linda Pedrick
Barbara M. Perkins
George B. Perkins
Phyllis Ponvert
Ethel Potts, former Planning Commission member
Betsy Price
Chuck Price
Jessica Prozinski
Cathy Reisfield
Donald Salberg
Marlene Salberg
Cheryl Sibilsky
Ed Steinman
Debbie Tennant
Gus Teschke
John Torgerson
Doug Wood
John Woodford
Max Ziegler

Anne Bannister, Ward 1 Council member-elect

"I've known Jack for many years. He and I worked together as board members for the Ann Arbor Democratic Party.

Jack has been a consistent voice for reason and common sense on City Council. I look forward to working with him and learning from his problem-solving skills.

Sumi Kailasapathy, Ward 1 City Council member

"Jack is a great example of what an elected official should be. He strives to represent the interests of his ward residents. He is always respectful of difference and works well with anyone without compromising his core values. Jack's integrity is impeccable. His commitment to social justice and good governance is never in question. Jack has proven that a neighborhood activist can become a politician and continue to challenge the status quo on critical issues."

Jane Lumm, Council Member Ward 2

"Jack is always careful about how taxpayer money is spent. He brings great intelligence and common sense to all our City Council deliberations."

Mike Anglin, former Ward 5 City Council member

"Jack has been involved in local politics for many years. He has been a community leader in his neighborhood working with the City of Ann Arbor on projects that impact the quality of life for residents of Ann Arbor. He played a cornerstone part in saving Dickens Woods, located at South Maple and Pauline. It is now a park for the neighborhood as well as an area that aids in flood control.

In addition, Jack has used his ample skills as an attorney and negotiator to work with neighbors, while I was on council, in clarifying the issues surrounding the potential development of land owned by Grace Bible Church, located on South Maple. Working with me and hundreds of residents in the community, a strong sense of what the neighborhood needs and wants was identified.

Jack supports development that leads to protection of the environment for the future. He supports protecting our fragile watershed and correcting the the many flooding problems in the 4th Ward. Jack looks to the future and will help guide and contribute to a better more resident-friendly Ann Arbor, and I am proud to support him for his election to the City Council."


Vivienne Armentrout, former Member Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners

"Jack Eaton has brought a calm, consistent and well-informed perspective to the discussion of Ann Arbor civic issues. I have been impressed with the common sense and breadth of knowledge he displays in public comment and private conversation. He has shown a passionate commitment to the interests and needs of Ann Arbor residents and to the future of our city. At the same time, he has a deep knowledge of underlying state and local law. I am so glad that Jack is willing to "be there for us."

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